A lot of things going on

July 28, 2016 at 3:35 pm (hOt mama, life, work) (, , , , , )

I am tired..maybe it’s because of being pregnant at this age..or maybe it’s work stress..maybe it’s just my life

I am emotionally and physically drained at work but I tried very hard not to show it. I feel like I am carrying a lot of “unseen” responsibilities currently and need to sort it out before I go off for maternity. So I need to toughen it up and pull it together..at least until I go off for the long leave

I am going to be 35 years old in 2 months..I think age is catching up really fast and I can really feel it during pregnancy

  • My feet hurts ..my pelvic kinda hurts on and off..even though people say my tummy is relatively still small for 6 1/2 months..Can’t imagine how I am going to walk around when I am 8-9 months.
  • I often are short of breath now and then, not sure why.. (i gave up googling for symptoms because it always shows result telling me I am dying because of critical illness)
  • I am easily tired.. (not sleepy) but fatigue..kinda hard because I really need try to fight these symptoms off when I am in the office.
  • Body ache.. Gosh I feel like 100 years old every morning when I need to wake up

I think I have passed the stage of pissing off with everyone and everything 😛 Now I think I am more sensitive/sad instead of getting mad

  • Work – I am not sure whether I am supposed to feel this or is it because I am pregnant..(can’t really tell the difference nowadays).. I am sad because I am contributing the best I can with the skills and effort that I have, and somehow it is not appreciated or supported. And somehow the decisions or the directions they have made, it has been proven that it doesn’t work and yet, the effort and support are still channelled there. It comes up to a point that I think, if I am not really needed or if my functions is not important, why have this function or even me here at all.
  • Pregnancy – Not feeling really good about my body (refer to above on the physical part), but I think my partner has done really good job taking care of my emotions regarding this. But there are people that is really….”mintak penampar” with their comments.
    • Looks at my baby bump and laugh. Not sure what is so funny about it? If you are happy, that is different. I can clearly see that you are laughing at my tummy. What is wrong with you? never seen a pregnant lady before? And hey, when you are fat, have I ever once…make fun of you? NO…because I am not that shallow. And …people just dont laugh at tummy of a pregnant woman..you are just lucky that I did not just bitch slap you right there. Look mister.. (yes, only men can be this stupid / shallow) I may be having large tummy now but there is a beautiful baby growing inside me.. what’s your excuse?
  • Looking around see men/sometimes women that just not even covering their shallowness. They would be proud taking pictures with so many people of their of opposite sex. The more “gedik” the better. They would be following only sexy/beautiful/ hot opposite sex at their social media and liking their pictures religiously.. ouh god..puhlease laa weh.. (I am aware that maybe I am being over emotional due to the people who laughed at my tummy at my previous point)..

My goals after giving birth is..now that I realize that age is catching up with me..and I only have this body to live with the rest of my life, I should be taking better care of it. (also, need to get into shape again..so that I can show to the one who laugh at me.. if he is not aware..it is normal to have a tummy when you are pregnant (duhhh) and you can get back to shape after the baby is born.. (did it once..i can do it again) so dont be an ass and ever laugh at another pregnant women again about her tummy or weight.

Gonna get some Zs now.. good night all.



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Smartphone… To look or not to look?

February 12, 2014 at 4:39 pm (life, work) (, , )

Today i attended a mobility workshop in my company and one of the speakers asked a very interesting but mind-boggling question..he asked the participant..
Truth is..i think 80% of us choose our phone as the answer :p it is freaky how our smartphones is taking over our daily lives. It has sadly limit our human to human interactions because we are so bz fondling with our phones. Be it at restaurants..dinner dates..or even at meetings.

Myself personally after some observation find nowadays..presenting to management/client/audience are so much harder than before. It is not easy to get their attention and convey your full message to them when they are bz fondling with their phones checking email.. chatting.. browsing.. etc..

The fact is..smartphones and mobility is here to stay..but we should not throw our manners out of the door for the sake of technology..

As for me.. I will TRY to not constantly look at my phone while someone is talking to me face to face and respect that they want to spend time with me.. And during meetings and presentations..i will put my phone aside and try to give full attention to the presenter. They have put in a lot of effort (and courage) to be there and present to u..the least u can do is listen to what they have to say..right? 🙂

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Close call :p

December 6, 2013 at 12:18 pm (life, work)

Today..after taking my wudhu for zohor..while i was walking towards our office surau..i saw my subordinate walking towards surau as well on the other side. Feeling hyper..i decided to wait in front of the door right before our surau to sergah and scare her..

Umm..well didnt surprise her..but she did said something to me..”you just miss haji B (our general manager)”..few seconds earlier i might have scared my GM when he opened the door..hahah..mau aku buat buat pengsan time2 tu jugak.. Adoi laaa..

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Malang isi minyak

July 24, 2013 at 1:46 pm (life, work) (, )

Bangun awal..nak isi minyak

Tgh tak jem lagi..yes..berenti kat shell

Cucuk kredit kad..approved..stat isi minyak..

Tekan tekan minyak tak kluar..letak balik nozzle tu..resit kluar..

Try lagi..cucuk kad..approved..angkat balik nozzle..

Masih tak kluaq minyak..tensi..letak nozzle balik..masuk keta..ubah pam lain..

Cucuk kad..transaction dah lebih limit..ingatkan problem machine kat pam tu..

Masuk kedai..bagi kad..mmg tak leh skaligus dua tiga kali cucuk kat pam minyak..

Pegi balik keta..mik purse..tgk ada 20 inggit je cash..

Buat muka poyo..bagi duit 20 inggit yg konyok2 dah..

Isi minyak..masuk keta..jalan..


Sampai lambat.. +_+

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Salam Ramadhan

July 11, 2013 at 2:18 pm (hOt mama, life, work) (, )

Hello peeps.

Salam Ramadhan to all. I am a bit late. Tomorrow is the 3rd of Ramadhan already 😛 hehe..I’ve been quite bz with work these past 3 weeks.. working late..sleeping in the office..working on weekends.. +_+ My brain and body is all drained out..

So what is different with this year’s Ramadhan? I have started to wear hijjab 🙂 (btul ke aku eja ni? in order word..tudung lah) I have been wanting to wear it for quite some time but it is not easy to change your lifestyle. It is still hard for me..To be honest part of me is happy to change for the better..and a part of me (ni hasutan setan la kot..) is sad that I need to leave my old way of dressing.. Until now I still can’t get used of my face when I looked in the mirror..But…it is for the better and I hope Allah will give me strength to keep it this way.
This is a huge and scary change for me.. the thought of what other people will think did come to my mind..(I know this sounds vain but I am only human and this is some of the thoughts that come to my mind). Thank God that I have received supportive feedback and encouragement especially from my mom, my sister, my best friend and my close colleagues in the office. I do notice that some people (definitely one that I am sure of) seems to not in favour of my change..but.. I don’t know..maybe they have their own reasons..Maybe they are worried that I will change. Well..I am still me..crazy..lovable..me.. 😛

For all muslims..eat healthy and enjoy ur ramadhan..

p/s: Jangan lupa niat puasa.. Hehehe

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My encounter with Mr. Jean

June 25, 2013 at 4:50 pm (life, work) (, , )

I’ve been slaving away at work these past couple of weeks to make sure my project will go live on time.

With that..campur pulak with melayan kerenah vendor moody aku (tak tau la naper aku slalu dpt vendor prangai pelik2)..ditambah pulak dgn people handling issue..boleh dikatakan aku skrg dah macam zombie berjalan..baju rambut semua tak terurus..asal sempat je..tiap2 hari balik malam..

Malam tadi..dlm pukul 8 lebih..aku kluar office nak balik rumah..dalam kepala otak pk 1001 benda tambahan macamana nak settle issue sebelum
Uat lagi dua hari ni..wa sudah pegi hentam satu keta perdana masa otw keluar parking..

Ya allah tuhan je la yg tau perasaan masa tu..rasa cam nak lompat gaung je..so aku park la and keluar..rasa cam nak nangis je dah..panic..tgk keta yg aku langgar tu..keluar pakcik mat saleh..masyaAllah..punya la baik..considering aku yg langgar dia and dia boleh je nak maki aku.. Dia keluar keluar terus dia datang kat aku tanya aku ok tak..lepas tu aku check keta aku..banyak gak calar kat bumper depan..pi lak tgk keta dia..keta dia body kemek +_+

Dia tak marah..sbb salah aku..aku doo apologize la kat dia..tapi..dia pulak dok pujuk aku..cakap..”these things happened” ..”dont worry”..”u poor thing”..siap tanya aku tinggal jauh tak..bila dah settle siap cakap be careful.. Adeh..aku yg panic ni sampai bergenang2 air mata (tapi control la beb) sbb terharu ada manusia sebaik tu..

Masa nak balik..exchange number phone..bila aku call dia..hp tak ringing..aku ingatkan aku salah dail sbb tgn pun terketar taip sbb panic..tapi bila dgr kat phone aku..ada lak pompuan jawab..ingatkan salah nombor..rupa rupanya dia tertuka hp dgn wife dia..malam baru dia perasan +_+ dia siap buat lawak2 lagi ngan aku..cakap bahasa melayu skit skit..cakap bahasa french skit kat aku..

Dear Mr. Jean F. Wasser..thank u for turning this night’s bad experience to a pleasant (sort of) experience by meeting u..and thank u for showing me that there is no harm in being nice no matter whatever situation u are in..

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My Short Trip to North

June 14, 2013 at 2:30 pm (Food Love Affair, life, work) (, , , , )

Its been a while since I go back up north. So when there was a chance to go there for work, I was kinda excited. Its like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I get to travel while working and the trip is all paid for.

I have to do my work related talk first in alor staq. Stayed in Holiday Villa. The hotel was kinda old but clean. Aloq staq was kinda boring for me or maybe I just don’t know where to look for interesting places to go.

I moved downwards to Penang the next day. Checked in in Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya. The hotel have just undergone some interior renovations. It was gorgeous ❤ 🙂
After checking in, I went to the Island for some sightseeing and to seek for delicious Penang foods.
I just love rolling down the windows while driving at the Penang bridge.

Went to Bukit Bendera to go on the cable car but what rotten luck, the cable car is under maintenance for 3 days +_+
Dissapointed but no worries. I proceed to look for the hands down the most delicious roti naan ever.

The Kapitan restaurant is located in Jalan Gurney, just few blocks after the Gurney Hotel.
Before ordering, I took the chance to hang out for a while at the beach. It has been been ages since I last went to the beach.
At Kapitan, I ordered the Roti Naan Cheese Garlic Set which comes together with Tandoori chicken. To top it off, I ordered mango lassi to complete the whole meal.
Gosh..it was heavenly. If only I could get this kinda naan in KL.. [drool].

After eating, I stopped by at Hard Rock Cafe Penang just to wait until after the peak hours to go back to the hotel. Well, I accidentally bought few items from the hardrock. Got this cool limited edition pyjamas, a hardrock bracelet and a mood ring. I am a happy girl with full stomach and a bunch of new beautiful hardrock thingies.. 🙂

The next day after my second talk in Perda, I stopped by at Kuala Juru for the delicious Nasi Goreng Ketam.

The small restaurant is called Warung Paksu and it was situated near the foot of the hill. I even saw a bunch of buffalos along the way 😛
The restaurant is famous for its Noodle Crab & Fried Rice Crab. They also sell Sate and Ikan Bakar. Ouh, please be aware that the restaurant is close every Thursday to avoid any dissapointment 🙂

I ordered the Fried Rice with Crab and for drinks Apple Juice with Asam Boi. I thought the crab is cooked together in the fried rice but I was wrong. The crab was cooked seperately and the portion is HUGE. Each person gets 2 big crabs each.

Just look at the size of these crabs.. 0_0

Then off to Ipoh for the next talk. Not much thing to do in Ipoh. My friend asked me to check out Nasi Ganja but I have had too many rice in one period of time and it was making my stomach feel not so good :p What can I say, I love my mcD and pastas. 😛

Overall it was fun to go back to Penang. But it would be so much fun if I do not have to worry about work and checking my emails every now and then 🙂

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Walk like a platypus

May 22, 2013 at 2:58 pm (hOt mama, life, work)

After the longest time wearing heels, i wore my flats to work today.
I swore most of the time when walking today i felt like a platypus :p
Note : I hate it when people ask me why i am wearing heels because i am tall enuff already (i’m 5′ 7″ btw). Weh sukati aku laa nak pakai heels ke flat ke..bukan salah aku yg depa tu pendek.. Dongak je la kalau susah sgt #luahanperasaan

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Mak Bee roaming around in our office

March 1, 2013 at 2:10 am (work)

We got ‘Mak Bee’ following us around in the office.

Sounds scary isn’t it? Seems like there’s a banshee ala ‘Hantu Kak Limah’ roaming around in the office.

No..nothing like that.. for our case, Mak Bee is the nickname we gave for the gnat insect or we called them ‘agas-agas’ in Malay.

It all started when my colleague bought Mak Bee kuah rojak (a kind of sweet and spicy dipping) brand from Tapah, Perak. And whenever there’s the dipping on the table, the agas-agas will come out of no where. So we would just say, “Tutup Mak Bi tu” somehow after a while the name Mak Bee stuck as the nickname to the agas agas.


Nowadays, whenever once in a while when there is agas agas flying around one of us, we would say “Weh..Mak Bee dok ikut belakang ko”.

So if you ever drop at my office, don’t panic and freak out when we suddenly say , “Excuse me, tu ..Mak Bee dok ikut ko dari tadi” 😛

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I’m watching you (freaky music playing at the background) :P

February 25, 2013 at 4:18 am (hOt mama, life, work) (, , , , )

I like to observe people. One of my favorite past time actually 😛 It is really fun and you can do it anywhere and anytime of the day. Plus, it has its advantages. You can learn a lot about a person if you really observe their behavior  they way they talk, body language and much more.

Recent discoveries about my friends/acquaintances.

1. They will update status regarding their birthdays indirectly really early of their birthday morning. For example, “Thank god for another year” (If you really want to thank god, you can do it personally or during your prayers) or “I am officially adding one year to my live” or something like that. Reason? My take is that MOST of them (not all) want to inform their social friends that their birthday is today and hoping for wishes would come flooding in. Just in case their friends missed out the automated birthday notifications. Which translates to > Attention Seeker 😛 Nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with wanting people to wish you or share your special day with everyone. I’m just saying that people tend to do that in order to receive attention. So if you see your friend update their status as such, if you’re kind hearted, just give them what they want. Just wish them publicly in the the social networking sites like what they expect you to do when you have read their status.

2. I have this circle of friends, who will in a way compete with each other on who have the most information. They take pride or have the satisfaction of knowing more about an issue or a topic. It is so funny because when you really observe them, you can see that they will try to top up each other with their information on the issue and the best part is, neither one is hearing the other’s information/input. So in a way you have a bunch of people talking to themselves about the information they already know. +_+ What you can do in a situation like this is to observe and absorb all the information that is being ‘shared’ and compile them. Coz chances are, these guys will only remember what they themselves said 😛

The world is full of unique and interesting people..You just have to look hard enough to see weirdness in them 😛



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