Other cool benefits of wearing hijab

January 18, 2014 at 11:20 am (hOt mama, life) (, )

Covering ur aurat is a must if ur a muslim. Since i started to wear hijab last year, i have also discovered other benefits of wearing hijab. So i sketched something about this topic..hope u guys like it 🙂



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How to cook fried ice cream / ais krim goreng

January 17, 2014 at 6:01 am (Food Love Affair) (, )

Gonna share with u guys how to cook easy fried ice cream..it’s a mix of hot and cold at the same time..the ingredients is easy to get and it it idiot proof 🙂


– ice cream (u can choose ur favourite flavor)
– white bread
– butter

1. Heat up cooking oil in the frying pan.

2. Spread light layer of butter at one side of each bread.

3. Scoop moderate amount of ice cream on the unbuttered side of the bread.

4. Put another slice if bread on top of the ice cream (make sure the buttered side is outside.
5. Press the side of the bread.
6. Use a mug cut the bread.

7. Put it in the frying pan for 3 seconds and then flip side and cook another 3 seconds.


8. Serve immediately

Senang kan? Enjoy ur fried ice cream 🙂

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Happy New Year 2014

January 1, 2014 at 6:32 am (life) (, , , )

Dear all my readers.

Would like to wish you a Happy Yew Year/Selamat Tahun Baru 2014!

Was looking though my blog post last year to see whether I have achieved my 2013 resolutions but I found out i never made resolutions for 2013. I only compared my resolutions for 2012 whether i did achieved them in Jan 2013. Read about them here. Well..i did achieved one of my 2012 resolution that i did not manage to get it done in 2013.. (blow nails) I took up guitar class last year and I can play guitar already (blow my short nails again because i have to keep it short to play guitar 😛 ) at a beginner’s level at least..(hey its a start right).

Just like to share in general what I have achieved in 2013
– Started to attend guitar lessons
– Started to wear hijab during Ramadhan
– We manage to travel to few places for holidays and after few years..finally managed to go overseas this time once
– Survive and manage without my parents for a month without the house falling apart and without us killing each other (they went to Mecca for Haj this year)
– Was involved in donation drive for flood victims (first time involvement). Btw, would like to share, one of the item I have donated is sweaters for the flood victims. I donated all my sweaters except for one. And after a few weeks, someone gave me a new sweater (this person never knew i donated my sweaters) 🙂 God works in a cool way ey..
– Successfully rolled out my team’s project (despite much resistance from the management & user and spending many nights in the office)
– See my subordinates developed and improved as a better worker (I hope in a way i did my job motivating and influencing them as their manager)
– Maintain close relationships with my best friends despite the issues, time and distance limitations
– Manage to spend time with my beloved family especially zOey despite all the chaos and work that is happening throughout the year.

While we’re at it..Just let me jot down my targets for 2014
– Travel more
– To stay away from gas drinks
– Try to limit my fast food fix to once a week (well maybe twice maximum) 😛
– Do more charity
– To have effort to be more syariah compliance
– To be nice to all people  & animals and not be judgmental.
– Try to procure a house of my own
– To train zOey to be more independent in preparation of her going to primary in 2015 😛

Phew..that’s a lot of stuff. Hope I could achieve at least half of it. What’s yours?

Wishing all the best for 2014..

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