Does size matters?

August 2, 2016 at 1:19 am (hOt mama, life) (, )

Does tummy size when pregnant really matters as long as the baby is within the normal weight/progress?

People keep asking me or more directly commenting to me regarding my pregnant tummy.

  • Your tummy is too small.
  • You are pregnant?
  • Why suddenly your tummy is so obvious?
  • Can’t see your tummy
  • Your tummy is big
  • (don’t get me started with those who like to poke and touch my tummy randomly)

Sian baby aku..confuse dia nak membesarkan perut or not based on these contradict comments. For me as long as she is healthy. I have no problem with it šŸ™‚

Note: Please forgive me if I either way snapped at you if you asked me these questions. Blame it on pregnancy hormons šŸ˜›


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A lot of things going on

July 28, 2016 at 3:35 pm (hOt mama, life, work) (, , , , , )

I am tired..maybe it’s because of being pregnant at this age..or maybe it’s work stress..maybe it’s just my life

I am emotionally and physically drained at work but I tried very hard not to show it. I feel like I am carrying a lot of “unseen” responsibilities currently and need to sort it out before I go off for maternity. So I need to toughen it up and pull it least until I go off for the long leave

I am going to be 35 years old in 2 months..I think age is catching up really fast and I can really feel it during pregnancy

  • My feet hurts pelvic kinda hurts on and off..even though people say my tummy is relatively still small for 6 1/2 months..Can’t imagine how I am going to walk around when I am 8-9 months.
  • I often are short of breath now and then, not sure why.. (i gave up googling for symptoms because it always shows resultĀ telling me I am dying because ofĀ critical illness)
  • I am easily tired.. (not sleepy) but fatigue..kinda hard because I really need try to fight these symptoms off when I am in the office.
  • Body ache.. Gosh I feel like 100 years old every morning when I need to wake up

I thinkĀ I have passed the stage of pissing off with everyone and everything šŸ˜› Now I think I am more sensitive/sad instead of getting mad

  • Work – I am not sure whether I am supposed to feel this or is it because I am pregnant..(can’t really tell the difference nowadays).. I am sad because I am contributing the best I can with the skills and effort that I have, and somehow it is not appreciated or supported. And somehow the decisions or the directions they have made, it has been proven that it doesn’t work and yet, the effort and support are still channelled there. It comes up to a point that I think, if I am not really needed or if my functionsĀ is not important, why have this function or even me here at all.
  • Pregnancy – Not feeling really good about my body (refer to above on the physical part), but I think my partner has done really good job taking care of my emotions regarding this. But there are people that is really….”mintak penampar” with their comments.
    • Looks at my baby bump and laugh. Not sure what is so funny about it? If you are happy, that is different. I can clearly see that you are laughing at my tummy. What is wrong with you? never seen a pregnant lady before? And hey, when you are fat, have I ever once…make fun of you? NO…because I am not that shallow. And …people just dont laugh at tummy of a pregnant are just lucky that I did not just bitch slap you right there. Look mister.. (yes, only men can be this stupid / shallow) I may be having large tummy now but there is a beautiful baby growing inside me.. what’s your excuse?
  • Looking around see men/sometimes women that just not even covering their shallowness. They would be proud taking pictures with so many people of their of opposite sex. The more “gedik” the better. They would be following only sexy/beautiful/ hot opposite sex at their social media and liking their pictures religiously.. ouh god..puhlease laa weh.. (I am aware that maybe I am being over emotional due to the people who laughed at my tummy at my previous point)..

My goals after giving birth that I realize that age is catching up with me..and I only have this body to live with the rest of my life, I should be taking better care of it. (also, need to get into shape that I can show to the one who laugh at me.. if he is not is normal to have a tummy when you are pregnant (duhhh) and you can get back to shape after the baby is born.. (did it once..i can do it again) so dont be an ass and ever laugh at another pregnant women again about her tummy or weight.

Gonna get some Zs now.. good night all.


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Lost for words…

July 11, 2016 at 3:20 pm (life) (, )

So many thoughts that I would like to expressĀ right now..but words can’t seem to come out..

I think what I need is a way long overdue sketching to get it all out.


p/s: Men are jerks!!!

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Here we go again

June 14, 2016 at 2:54 pm (hOt mama, life) (, , )

What can I say other than..surprise! I’m pregnant šŸ˜› 5 months pregnant to be exact.

I feel the need to start to blog it because I started this blog when I was around 5 months pregnant with zOey. That was in 2007..9 years -ish ago? (Read about my first post here)

Just a brief comparison as far as I remember :

  1. Symptoms
    • Same asĀ my last pregnancy, I didn’t suffer any morning sickness during first trimesterĀ up until now (touchwood). And as of now, I don’t suffer any low blood – diva – rasa nak pitam – hands on forehead yet like the last time šŸ™‚
  2. Mood
    • during the first pregnancy I would cry at anything and everything..Now…less crying but more I am f**king angry at the whole world kind of thing. Simplest thing would set me on fire. Now I am taking the approach of keeping quiet before people starts calling me Crazy Pregnant Lady.
  3. Physical
    • I am DEFINITELY older than before..a lot older.. Baby bump still looks kinda small (same as when it was with zOey)..My rear end and legs are unaffected -no weight gain to these parts as of now. My bust on the other hand are happily growing like nobody’s business.. +_+ Keep bumping into things…So not use to it. I wonder how Pam Anderson walks without chest bumping anyone šŸ˜› I am easily tired and experiencing short breath.. And recently I sprained / pulled a muscle at my hips..not sure is it because the baby weight or its because I am getting old +_+.. I am sitting like a robot as I am typing this post. Still recovering from the sprain. Ā Good new..Still no stretch marks (yey)…keeping my fingers crossed it maintains that way until the end .. šŸ˜›

As of now, no names yet, we made a big mistake to ask zOey to suggest names. Now she is naming all her class mates name as options… +_+

Will blog about how did zOey reacted when she first found outĀ about the baby later.

Nite nite..and Salam Ramadhan to all


Latest picture was so messed up, I couldn’t tell anything by looking at here’s the outdated one (3 months)



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Its been more than a year!

February 18, 2016 at 8:17 am (life) ()

Damn..I haven’t blogged anything for more than a year…. +_+ Ā I have a lot of thing on my Ā mind that I would like to be posted in my blog but it seems like i never have any time to do it. When I do have time for it…I could not remember wth I wanted to blogged about anymore ..hahaha

Will start blogging back soon… I hope…

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My New Year’s Resolution – Only One

January 3, 2015 at 9:40 am (life) (, )

My resolution for 2015

Only one life – to live life to the fullest and prepping for afterlife. Once it all ends there are no second chances.

Only one family – to make sure i love,appreciate and make them happy while they are still here. Always be thankful all the sacrifices they have done for me.

Only one soulmate – to make sure endless overflowing of love and to be supportive through thick and thin no matter what.

Only one daughter – to spend more time to love and nurture her to be the best person that she can be. More eye contact with her rather than looking at the handphone screen.

Only one body – to exercise and eat right since i am stuck with this body until i die. Might as well keep it in good shape. Ouh..and i might try to learn how to swim with zOey :p

So…what’s your new year’s resolution for 2015?


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Things I used to do before SmartPhone entered my life

October 18, 2014 at 3:47 am (life) (, , , )

Few days ago I was walking in Empire Subang and stumbled upon a public phone…i mean a PUBLIC PHONE!! I was not aware that these thing still exist in malls šŸ˜› So I took out 20 cents and dial up my mom..just for the sake of calling from a public phone.. The phone seems to be working fine..tapi my mom lak tak angkat phone time tu Ā +_+

IMG_8720ello? mama? yoo hoo? cait…potong stim laa tak angkat pulak

But it got me thinking about my life before I had my smartphone. Well one thing, I have more time for everything else rather than staring and looking at my phone almost like all of my free time. So I have listed down the things I used to do before smartphone entered my life :

  1. Me and my friends always need to be punctual if we were to meet somewhere. We need to specify the exact time and place to meet..
  2. Eating with friends and family were always fun since we really enjoyed each others company without everyone busyĀ taking pictures of foods to be uploaded in instagram or update their fb status where there are eating.
  3. I used to have long wire extension of my home phone. I used to drag my home phone (I never had a cordless phone) everywhere, in my room, in the living room, depending on who did i was on the phone with. Normally with my best friend, i used to talk for hours.. Ā on what, well..everything..hahaha..
  4. My friends and I would always know on the gate and shout when we arrived to our friends house. Then we will get some annoying glares from their neighbours if our friends kept us waiting and shouting outside šŸ˜› Now people will just text or call when they are outside.
  5. I will only be friends with my school friends and neighbourhood friends. There is no social networking platform like Facebook for us to connect or stalk random people.
  6. I would just hope and pray when going to somewhere that is unfamiliar. No waze or google maps yet šŸ˜›
  7. Taking pictures of myself would require us talking to strangers sheepishly asking them to help to take my pictures.. No selfie or front camera yet.
  8. Checking the time would mean looking at my watch and not my phone. Nowadays, I would not know the time if I forgot to bring my hp..only recently i started to wear a watch again.. šŸ™‚
  9. When we sit down in a restaurant, there is no such thing as asking the waiter there “whats the wifi password?”
  10. I usedĀ to know stuff regarding my friends and family through private conversation WITH them.. Now, I can read all people’s private thoughts on Facebook and twitter easily. Some people I don’t even associate with.. Nothing is private anymore

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Interesting Way to Jot Down Your Thoughts

October 17, 2014 at 2:02 pm (life, stuff I bought) (, )

Bought this cool book from Typo in Nu Sentral today. Actually.. It’s more of a notebook šŸ˜‰

Title is Thoughts n Reflection where you write one liner each day based on the question given (diff questions each day) and it has space out the book so that you can write in it for 3 years.
That way you can reflect and compare your answers throughout the years. Interesting right? I also bought it because the cover is soooo pwetttyy..polka dot summore :p
Let’s see if i can diligently write in this book everyday without getting bored or losing the book :p

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Besarnya tanggungjawab seorang lelaki..

July 14, 2014 at 4:02 am (life) (, , , )

Lately aku tgk makin ramai lelaki yg makin dekat ke jalan Allah..which is a great thing..tapi diorang lupa akan tanggungjawab mereka sebagai pemimpin.. ni bukan stok pemimpin perdana menteri bagai..tapi pemimpin keluargaā€¦ sebagai suami.. bapak..abang.. atau pun adik lelaki..

Rata rata sekarang kita tgkā€¦kaum laki bagus..tak tinggal sembahyang..pergi masjid..tapi somehow diorang ambil remeh part membimbing keluarga depa.. Isteri tak tutup aurat.. anak apatah lagiā€¦ kadang kadang isteri tutup aurat..abistu dibiarkan pulak anak pakai sesuka hati.. mungkin dalam hati..biarlah..dia muda lagi..nak merasa seronok..dah kawin nanti pandai pandai la suami dia bimbing..dan kemudian disokong pulak dgn emak nyaā€¦ rasa riak bila org puji anak cantikā€¦anak sexy.. Depa lupa..mereka sebagai bapak depa kena tanggung dosa anak2 mereka.

Aku pun ada anakā€¦yer..mmg seronok kalau org puji anak kita..puji cantik ..comelā€¦ rasa bangga.. (tp anak aku kecik lagi yer..lom baligh lagi)..tapi itu lah bila pk pk balikā€¦korang sanggup keā€¦nak pikul dosa anak korang..setakat nak dapat pujian dan acceptance org lain? dosa sendiri pun kita ni tak tertanggung.. anak kita tu amanah dari tuhan..jadi..bimbing Ā la ke jalan Allah seboleh bolehnya..

Bab sembahyang pulakā€¦si bapak sembahyang..tapi dibiarkan org lain dalam keluarga dia tak sembahyang..tu pun kena tanggung jugak dosaā€¦.(banyaknye dosa kaum lelaki kena tanggung)

Ni applicable lah kepada abang..anak lelaki..dan juga adik lelakiā€¦tanggungjawab untuk menasihati dan membimbing adik perempuan..kakak..ataupun mak kita..

Yang si perempuan pulak..kita sebagai anak..jgn la keras kepala sgt bila bapak korang nasihat suruh smayang..pakai tudung semua..jangan la fikir..dah kawin nanti lah baru aku pakai tudung..kesian laki akuā€¦korang kesian kat laki korangā€¦tapi tak kesian ke kat bapak korang? bapak la yg menjaga cari nafkah kita dari kecik..sampai besar panjangā€¦yg tu korang tak kesian pulak..?

Tak susah nak tutup aurat..aku as one of yang baru je tutup aurat pk balik..menyesal rasanya tak pakai tudung earlier..banyak weh dosa..dah kawin.dah jadi makā€¦thn lepas baru nak tutup aurat..tapi alhamdulillah Allah beri gak hidayah untuk aku tutup aurat (walaupun benda ni wajib sebenarnya..sepatut nya tak yah nak tunggu tunggu) Kesian kat bapak aku..kat suami akuā€¦kena tanggung dosa bergelen gelen sebelum pun belum tentu sempurna aku tutup aurat rasanya…tapi insyaAllah..i’m getting there..

Semoga Allah ampunkan la dosa aku dan dosa2 family aku..amin..

So..aku nak korang yg maybe baru jadi bapak..baru jadi suamiā€¦atau pun perempuan yg belum tutup aurat lagi..amik la pengajaran dari aku..tak yah tunggu lambat lambatā€¦bimbing la family members kitaā€¦ataupun kita sendiri berubah la ke arah kebaikan..sebab kalau kita buat dosaā€¦kita secara tidak langsung menarik org yg kita sayang sekali..

tak susah punā€¦kalau rasa susah bebeno nk tutup la camniā€¦

  1. kalau kita cakapā€¦takpe..bila aku umur xx la aku start pakai tudungā€¦pk balik..kalau ko mati esok camne? haa..tak ke haru kalau camtu..
  2. Allah dah bagi kita macam macam nikmat..takkan la setakat nak kaver rambut dan aurat tu pun korang nak berkira kanā€¦apa sangat la rambut tu jika nak dibanding kan dgn apa yg Allah dah bagi kita.. kan kan kan? šŸ™‚’s a chance for you to become a superhero to your family :))

Minta maaf kalau ada sesiapa yg terasa lepas baca komen niā€¦sekadar sharing and menasihati…Salam Ramadhan šŸ™‚

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Smartphone… To look or not to look?

February 12, 2014 at 4:39 pm (life, work) (, , )

Today i attended a mobility workshop in my company and one of the speakers asked a very interesting but mind-boggling question..he asked the participant..
Truth is..i think 80% of us choose our phone as the answer :p it is freaky how our smartphones is taking over our daily lives. It has sadly limit our human to human interactions because we are so bz fondling with our phones. Be it at restaurants..dinner dates..or even at meetings.

Myself personally after some observation find nowadays..presenting to management/client/audience are so much harder than before. It is not easy to get their attention and convey your full message to them when they are bz fondling with their phones checking email.. chatting.. browsing.. etc..

The fact is..smartphones and mobility is here to stay..but we should not throw our manners out of the door for the sake of technology..

As for me.. I will TRY to not constantly look at my phone while someone is talking to me face to face and respect that they want to spend time with me.. And during meetings and presentations..i will put my phone aside and try to give full attention to the presenter. They have put in a lot of effort (and courage) to be there and present to u..the least u can do is listen to what they have to say..right? šŸ™‚

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