Car seat

December 21, 2010 at 6:58 am (hOt mama, life)

My dad can be sO funny sometimes. Yesterday, my mom asked him to take out zOey’s car seat from her Myvi because later last night she and few of her friends are going out using the car.

After my dad took out the baby chair and he placed it in the living room and you know what. He tested the baby car seat! 😛  He actually sat on the chair and says “hMMm..this is comfortable, no wonder zOey likes to sit in it” (this coming from an ex MD) haiyOhh….i did took a picture of him but can’t upload right now because of my bluetooth at this laptop is quite funky. Will try later tonite at my other laptop. he he he (evil laugh)

Peace papa V-.-V hehehe

Updated (here you go)


1 Comment

  1. e-da said,

    hahahaha..lawak la bapak ko noami…

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