Hi. My name is bObOi

December 25, 2010 at 4:31 am (hOt mama)

Hello all. My name is bObOi.

Before this I lived in Toys R Us, Empire Shopping Complex, Subang Jaya. But yesterday a little girl named zOey bOught me hOme. She insisted in picking me (with all the chest hair nacho libres and all) despite there are my other siblings that are more cuter than me, such as crocodile, shark and boxing boy. Even though zOey’s mama and papa are quite reluctant to pick me (i think it’s because of my chest hair) because they love zOey so much, they just went along with her.

I arrived at my new home in USJ Subang Jaya around 10pm last night. zOey’s mama feed me water and air for me to become a full size.

Now I am the same height as zOey and leave in the living room instead of the small box before this. I don’t mind being kicked and punched by zOey because occasionally, she would also hugged me.

I hope I will stay here as long as I possibly could before being deflated and being put back in the bOx.


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