Our Rumba Routine

August 10, 2010 at 2:56 am (dance) (, , , , )

For all who didn’t know, I’ve been taking dance lessons since last February with yusnO, my sis and her friend.

We’ve finished with with basic dance and now are in Latin bronze stage and just finished our Rumba Routine.

So the purpose of this entry is for me to write down the routine so that I won’t forget and can always refer back to my blog. hehe

  • 1/8 Basic (3 x)
  • Fan
  • Allimana (end with starting position)
  • Spot Turn
  • Hand to hand (2 x)
  • Spot Turn
  • Fan
  • Hockey Stick
  • Basic
  • Rumba Walk
  • Natural Top
  • Hip Twist
  • Fan
  • Allimana
  • Spot Turn (end with feet closed together)
  • Cucaracha (both sides)
  • Side Step (2 x)
  • Basic (end with starting position)
  • Spot Turn
  • Should end with starting position mirroring the 1st step.

Next week….cha cha!!


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