my bUmble bee weekend

March 29, 2009 at 3:19 pm (hOt mama, life) (, , , , )

Weekend was sO-sO.. Initially had this whole girls day out with my friends planned. But in the end one by one canceled out. All sort of reason. 😛 I only knew about it when I was getting ready to go out.. Haru btul. Had to sacrifice my beauty sleep (which i can only get on weekends) for nothing. But I’m not surprised. Selalu sgt sey.. plan plan plan… in the end.. aku sorang je yg jadik.. ahaha..

So what to do awake so early in the mOrning? yusnO and me sent zOey to my MIL’s house and we went out for a mOvie date 🙂 Tgk cerita ‘Knowing’ cOol stOry but err..quite stupid ending.. I guess there is no more logical way to end the story other than the involvement of aliens..wOooweeewOooweee..

Today, despite of zOey still having cOld and cOugh (which she has successfully pass it to me as well) I made her wear her new bumble bee outfit. Tak pedulik..pakai jugak..mama nak amik gambO..hahaha..

zOey really look like a bOy here. Guess I shOuld have bought her a butterfly or a ladybird outfit instead..tapi cOmei laaa..hahaha (puji anak sendiri..I’m becOming a typical mummy :p tapi betul apaaa.. )



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